The Day the Apple Fell


Dear Apple,

We had a good run.  It’s hard to express how disappointed I am.  I truly thought you cared.  I was wrong.  I get it now.

It began in 2007.  One of the most exciting days in 2007 was the day the first iPhone hit the stores.  I’ll be honest.  I was skeptical.  I used the PC.  I worked in Windows.  But your new phone intrigued me.  I had friends at work that got the first phone.  With pure envy and interest, I got my hands on one, and it made me want one terribly bad.  But I was not sure it was for me.  For over a year, I regretted not being one of the first to own this awesome phone.

Then came July 2008.  I slept in my car outside of the cellular store to get my hands on a iPhone 3G.  My life changed.  This was MY phone!

  • June 2009 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 3Gs.
  • June 2010 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 4.
  • October 2011 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 4s.
  • September 2012 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 5.
  • September 2013 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 5s.
  • September 2014 – camped outside the cellular store to get the HUGE iPhone 6 Plus.
  • September 2015 – camped outside the cellular store to get the iPhone 6s Plus.
  • September 2016 — I am now getting too old for this overnight camping…. So i said “Maybe I can skip getting the iPhone 7 Plus”.  By October, I’m regretting it.  By the first of November, I’m buying the largest storage on the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • November 2017 – I’m learning how to do this….. I sign up for the Apple Upgrade program and get the iPhone X (the screen was too small – i missed my 7Plus size)
  • September 2018 – Thanks to the Apple Upgrade program, I sit in my warm room, and wait for my iPhone XS Max to be delivered

This is just the “PHONE” part of the story.  What you don’t see in this story is that the iPhone 3G was so amazing to me, that I decided to buy an iMac.  Goodbye Windows.  Goodbye PC.  The iMac was awesome.  Everything looked amazing on the beautiful glass screen.

Then came the MacBooks, the phones, the iPads, the watches, the iPods, the AirPods, the Apple TVs.  Please note, I had the Apple Nano which i turned into a “watch” with the strap and case – before Apple Watch was even a dream in Cupertino.  I had the first Apple TV that was grey and had storage on the machine.  Nothing like the small black boxes we use today for Apple TV.

What I’m trying to say is this….. I sit here with dozens of devices connected to my Apple account:

  • 1 iMac
  • 1 MacBook Pro with Touchpad
  • 1 MacBook Pro
  • 1 MacBook Air
  • 1 MacBook
  • 4 iPad Pros
  • 2 Apple Pencils (1 first generation, 1 second generation)
  • 3 Apple Watches
  • 2 AirPods
  • 2 iPhone XS Max
  • 1 iPhone 8
  • 4 Apple TVs – one 4K
  • And a laundry list of iPods, ipodNanos, products, cases, etc.

Why am I telling you all of this?  You can see it on my account for yourself.  The reason I am telling you this is that when i bought the MacBook Pro with Touchpad, I bought the AppleCare that was available.  Let me also tell you that I am one of those Apple followers that takes special care of my products.  My laptop does not have stickers.  There are no scratches.  I’m the guy that will clean the laptop often – because it needed to look new and shiny.

But two days ago, something happened.  Maybe something in my office hit it.  Maybe it just had enough of being used daily for two years.  Regardless, I walk into my office and see the screen in the picture above.  I wanted to scream but I was unable to make a sound.  My screen was fractured.  And I needed a replacement ASAP because I have taken my MacBooks to speak at over 41 events in over 5 continents, and multiple countries, in the last 6 years.  I knew I would be leaving this weekend for San Francisco for another speaking event and I needed this machine.

I drove over and hour to the closest Apple Store (Northlake Mall, Charlotte, NC).  I spoke to the store and found that the AppleCare I purchased was not good enough to cover a broken screen.  I would have to agree to $475+TAX ($510 total) to fix this machine.  I spoke with the manager, and expressed that I’m not just a dude that bought a MacBook, I’m a guy that has invested THOUSANDS in Apple to have 23+ active products, and I would really appreciate any support or help that I could get.  I wasn’t asking for a free replacement.  I wasn’t asking for 50% off.  I was asking for anything.  The cold response given was a simple “Nothing we can do”.   This was followed by a statement that they can cover anything done in the store but when it leaves the Apple Store doors, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Is there a positive side of this event?  The only thing I can say is this store worked hard to get me my laptop back in two days.  But…. when I went to pick this laptop up, I carried an iPad Pro 9.7 (256GB) that my 11-year-old daughter was using but would no longer power up.  After looking at this, and taking my $510 for the laptop, the store tells me that there’s nothing that can be done for the iPad and I can replace it for $379.  I tried my hand again, asked for anything they could do to help out a loyal Apple follower.  I expressed that in two days time I have now spent another $889 at the store.  The answer “sorry sir, nothing we can do”.  I even had two ‘kind’ managers talk to me nicely, sit and pretend to care, and then walk away saying they appreciate me for “paying for their salary” (Yes, one lady named Julia LITERALLY said this to me) with all the products I bought.

I’m disappointed.  That’s all I can say.  I don’t want to be an Android guy.  I have to use Windows for my work for over 25 years, but I chose not to use it for my personal use.  I would prefer not to use PC / Windows for my personal laptop, but what do I do?  I have been a loyal Apple follower.  I have been one of your biggest marketers.  I have helped friends buy your products.  I have helped friends and family decide to take Apple over competitors.  I have stuck with you through it all, and I am typing this on my updated MacBook Pro, watching my Apple TV, looking at my iPhone XS Max, wearing my latest Apple Watch and glancing over at the latest 2018 ipad Pro with the keyboard and 2nd generation pencil laying on my desk.  And STILL I am disappointed.

I know you’re so filthy rich, you’ve made more money than any other company on the planet, and you don’t need a guy like me to survive.  But it still hurts to know that after 12 years of loyalty, all I get is a handshake and a scripted “We are sorry that we could not do more” from your store.

It makes me want to get the new Samsung Fold when it comes out.  It makes me want to sell my Apple MacBook and be able to afford two or three highly loaded PC laptops.  But I know you Apple… You are sitting up on top of your ivory tower smiling because you have given me a taste for a great product.  I’m addicted.  I’m hooked now.  Apple has been a drug for me and you know that there are millions of us that can’t stop buying your products – no matter how badly you treat us and disrespect us.  It’s a shame and it’s sad.  I’m no longer your target market.  You’ve GOT ME.  Now you are able to spend your energies being good to those people that are NOT the “early adopters” so that they are as hooked as me.  Shame on you.  Shame on you for forgetting those that have given so much to make you who you are today.

I wonder what Samsung, Microsoft, Google, or Dell would do in a situation like this?

I’m disappointed.  You let me down.  I thought you were different….

“Testing is Not a 9 to 5 Job”: Webinar Q&A – Part 1

Thanks to everyone that attended my webinar with AppliTools called “Testing is Not a 9 to 5 Job”.  In the next week, AppliTools will be sharing with me the questions that were not reviewed during the webinar.  I will plan to answer each of those questions here with another blog update.

Until then, I had promised to provide two things before Monday, March 19th, and I wanted to share them with you below:

Question #1: In the webinar, we discussed crowdsourcing and crowd testing.  Which sites would you suggest to learn more about, and participate in, crowdsourced testing?

Answer #1: I personally have used for the crowd testing that I have participated in.  Two other popular sites that I have been the most familiar with have been and   I was researching this weekend and found the following link, which is a very good writeup for their opinion on the top crowd testing sites.  You can find the link here:  The Top 11+ Most Popular Crowdsourced Testing Companies in 2018.  The 11 that were discussed in the article are mentioned below (unsure why uTest is not on this list!):

  • Crowdsourced testing
  • Global App Testing
  • Crowdsprint
  • Bugfinders
  • rainforest
  • Pay4Bugs
  • Testbirds
  • Test IO
  • MyCrowd QA
  • 99tests
  • UncoverBugs
  • Bugcrowd

Question #2: Also, in the webinar, I suggested that even if your company does not have your test team conducting Security Testing, everyone should become familiar with how it works, and some of the tools that are used to conduct security testing.  A question from the webinar was — What sites, articles, and tools would you suggest to read and learn more about Security Testing?

Answer #2: There are many leaders in the security testing realm.  I will add more to this blog as I get more folks involved.   For now, I would like to share with you a blog site from Ken De Souza, who recently did a webinar for Software Test Professionals on security testing and created a quick start list for those wanting to know the basics of security testing.   You can find the following about Ken and his site below:

I will add others that can help with security testing articles and tools.  Please stay tuned for more!

Thanks again to everyone that attended my webinar!  And if you weren’t able to make it, I will be updating everyone when the recording comes out!


My TISQA 2018 Keynote Video

On February 28, 2018, I was honored to be the keynote speaker for the TISQA 2018 Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

My talk was “Testing is Not a 9 to 5 Job” and I’m happy to share with you the link to the video for all of those that are interested in hearing the keynote.

I hope you enjoy it!



Take my Testing Survey today!

If you are in software testing – please take my testing survey. It’s very short – just a few questions and mostly multiple choice!

I am compiling responses to this survey to share in an upcoming conference presentation in a few months.

Please share this blog/link with your friends in testing and ask them to take the survey as well.


My “Double Vision” Article Published!

If you work in software testing, I request you inputs on my latest article with the AppliTools blog.  You can find it at the following link below.

Even if you’re not involved in software testing, I think it’s a fun article to read.  Let me know what you think!

AppliTools – Double Vision

Thanks for reading!


9/11: Did We Forget?

15 years ago today, on September 11, 2001, the world woke up just like any other day.  Millions of people got ready for work and made their way to the office.  Thousands got on planes, expecting the same result as they had gotten hundreds of times before.  They depended things to be as they had been in the past.

But as we know, this was going to be a day that would be remembered forever.  Thousands of innocent lives would be lost.  The United States of America would be under attack.  And fear would reach new heights.

The world was glued to their televisions for days.  We wanted to understand why such acts would be undertaken, and how such evil could exist on this planet.

Whether you’re in America or another country, I’m sure you will always remember where you were when the news came that terrorism was taking place, and that lives were being lost.  You will always remember how it made you feel.  And everyone will remember the phrase that was born of this event “We will NEVER forget“.

It is now 2016.  So many things are happening everywhere we turn.  We have a political debate between two candidates in which many American’s are struggling to decide why EITHER should be the next president.  We have fighting and debates occurring in multiple circles.  We see people all over the world turning to social media to tell the whole world how they feel about EVERY situation that occurs.  Social media has become very “UN-SOCIAL”.

I’ve kept my silence as others have stood their position.  I have remained tight lipped as many friends and social media connections have gone out of their way to show their support of one side or the other of a topic of debate.  I’ve watched as the world abuses their freedom of speech by talking far too much about their stand on things.

On this day, I’m anxious to see the stand of those that make a significant influence in the world.  I’m talking about famous actors, speakers, authors, and professional athletes.  All over the world, fans are watching.  Some are emulating and supporting their favorites.  Some are embarrassed by them.  Some are unsure how to react and/or respond.

I’m not here to judge anyone who takes EITHER side of a debate, a discussion, a political party, or a problem that we face.  I’m looking at the facts at face value.  My challenge to the NFL Quarterback that feels he will sit through the American National Anthem to show his protest for all the wrong in the world is this – “Sir, you are symbolizing your take on the events that are ruining this country and the world.  YOU are SITTING DOWN and not taking a STAND”.  Honestly, it needs to be said.  I don’t make tens of millions of dollars in salary.  I don’t have a platform to stand on to address millions.  My challenge to this arrogant athlete would be that I don’t see him spending one penny of his extravagant salary to teach awareness to the next generation.  I don’t see him spending one penny to fund activities that could bring change in the world.  This is because he is SITTING DOWN.  He’s out to make a scene for something he has much more power and ability to influence.  I don’t buy it, and I never will.   I’m embarrassed for him.  I’m embarrassed for the National Football League, and I’m embarrassed for the media and for America to let someone with such a tiny percent of compassion have so much power and authority.

Let us go back to our promise and commitment in 2001.  Let us “Never Forget” what we have gone through as a country, and as a WORLD.  Let us never forget that there is almost ALWAYS something more that we can do to create change for any situation we do not like.

Sitting down is not the answer.