Who Am I?



Thank you for visiting this site!

My name is Mike Lyles and I am an international keynote speaker, author, writer, and blogger.  I have been working in IT since 1993.

I have always had an intense passion to mentor, coach, and guide others to grow professionally. It is fulfilling to witness the look on people’s faces when you are able to share with them something that is enlightening.  I want to be remembered for the way I made others feel when they were around me!

I am currently working on a leadership book to be completed this year, called “The Drive-Thru Is Not Always Faster“.  You can read more bout this book, sign up for the newsletter and updates, and eventually pre-order this book at the following link:  TheDriveThruBook.com

I can be followed at the following additional social networks – Please feel free to add me!  Connections are our best way to help others!

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3 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. Steve thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! I receive so much great feedback on the presentation! In fact, I hope to get time to write a book on it!

    But to your question —- you can see the slides and listen to the mp3 of the presentation at the STP site below. If it asks for a login/password, you will just setup an account (there is a free one if you desire) and then you can go back to the link and see the slides and the sound file. I hope everyone enjoys it! Have them follow me on Facebook.com/mikelyles and Twitter (@mikelyles) as well as here too! I really appreciate it!

    Here’s the link…..

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