Read, Watch, and Give Feedback ==> Webinar: The Good, the Bad, the Metrics!

Thanks to everyone that joined our webinar on metrics on 12/17/13 at 11am-12pm.  If you missed it or if you loved it so much that you want more, below are details of it.

1. Link to the recorded webinar and slides on YouTube”

2. The slides can be found at the following link:

3. What was the webinar about?

“The Good, The Bad, and the Metrics”

Panel: Mike Lyles, Jay Philips, Rex Black

Has your organization ever considered replacing a tester that did not write, for example, 15 test cases per day? Is the testing team blamed if defect leakage is greater than 5% into production?  What drives decisions like these?  The common thread in these examples is “Test Metrics”

Test Metrics… Everyone has an opinion about them. Some believe they are the most valuable way to communicate the results of testing. Some think that they are useless, misleading, and damaging to the communication of test results. Some believe that without measurement you are not managing the effort. And some believe that bad metrics are worse than no metrics at all.

Where does your organization fit in the metrics and measurement debates?  Is your team aligned?  Do you agree with the team?  Do you use a reporting process for test results?  Are you forced to report on metrics you don’t believe are valuable?  Do you have dozens of metrics that you are reporting periodically that no one looks at, and when they do look at them, there is room for misinterpretation?

In this webinar, Mike Lyles will challenge a panel of experts to discuss the topic of metrics and measurement, review multiple viewpoints on the topic, and address many of the questions that organizations have today around metrics and measurement.

Join us as we open for questions from the webinar audience in a highly interactive webinar that will benefit all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top metrics that are misused or misunderstood in most every organization
  • What metrics should you get rid of ASAP?
  • Best and Worst metrics – based on opinions of the panel & audience
  • Metrics that everyone should use – and how they compare to your organization’s metrics
  • Tools and processes that can help your organization better measure your testing

4. How can you help me?

I am working on a conference presentation on this very topic.  And I would like your input on the questions that we asked in the webinar.  If you have some examples, or inputs to this, please provide them as comments to this webinar, or email them to me at

Below are the questions i need your help on:

  • What Metrics do you feel are misused or misunderstood in most every organization?
  • What Metrics do you feel are good and that everyone should use in any organization?
  • What Metrics should organizations stop using (if they are using them today) immeidately?
  • What tools and/or processes have you used or seen used successfuly for assisting with measuring testing?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!


Author: Mike Lyles

I am an International Speaker, writer, author, blogger, and Director of QA & Project Management with over 25 years of experience. I have always had an intense passion to mentor, coach, and guide others to grow professionally. It is fulfilling to witness the look on people’s faces when you are able to share with them something that is enlightening. I want to be remembered for the way I made others feel when they were around me! I can be followed at the following additional social networks – Please feel free to add me! Connections are our best way to help others! Twitter: @mikelyles ……. follow me and I’ll follow you! Facebook: ……. send a friend request! LinkedIn: ……. send a connection request! Learn more about me at:

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