Mike’s Experiment: Take my Survey!

I’m doing a fun survey – and I need your inputs!

The survey is 5 questions and they are all Yes/No answers.

It will take you about 60 seconds to take it — try it out!


Thanks in advance for taking it — tell your friends to take it too!


3 thoughts on “Mike’s Experiment: Take my Survey!

  1. Took the Survey Mike.
    Curious to know the purpose behind it. And also, how are clapping and stomping your feet related to being happy? It says, “Can you?” . Did you mean “Do you want to?” instead.

    1. Ruma, if the survey results come out the way I expect, I am going to have an awesome little article to write. There is a song called “If you’re happy and you know it” that I used to sing as a kid – I will have to see if it’s on YouTube. But I think it has a compelling story – I will be writing on this very soon!

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