Ask The Tester – May 2013 – Taking Questions Now through 5/6/2013

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions for our article last month.  The interview with John Ruberto from Intuit was just published – you can see the updates at the following link:

However, it’s time for our next article… and I need your help.  If you’re a test practitioner, leader, or simply have testing related questions for my May 2013 candidate, please submit a comment to this blog.  If selected, your question will be published in our May 2013 article of ST&QA Magazine (you can view the latest online copy at  I will be taking questions here through the first of May.

I plan to pull together all questions through the next two weeks – so submit your comment / question as soon as possible and increase your chances of being part of our article!!  So let me tell you a little about Jari Laakso……

Jari Laakso
  • He’s a software tester from Finland, living and working in Romania since 2007.
  • He has not only tested software, but has a background in hardware (testing electric wheelchairs, robotics, and mobile devices).
  • He has a passion for solving and creating puzzles, which makes him an excellent test practitioner.
  • He’s a department manager for YOPESO, a 100 person outsourcing company with offices in Germany, Romania, Moldova, and Malaysia.
  • He’s an experienced trainer for testers & monitoring internal processes
  • Active member in the context-driven testing community
  • Member of the Romanian CDT community called “Tabara de Testare (TdT)
  • Member of the Finnish Association of Software Testing (FAST)

You can read more about Jari on his blog at or follow him on Twitter @jarilaakso

Please submit your questions below as comments to this blog.  Please add the following so that we can include in the article:

  • Your Name
  • Title
  • Company / group
  • Geographical location

Jari will now take your questions!

Author: Mike Lyles

I am an International Speaker, writer, author, blogger, and Director of QA & Project Management with over 25 years of experience. I have always had an intense passion to mentor, coach, and guide others to grow professionally. It is fulfilling to witness the look on people’s faces when you are able to share with them something that is enlightening. I want to be remembered for the way I made others feel when they were around me! I can be followed at the following additional social networks – Please feel free to add me! Connections are our best way to help others! Twitter: @mikelyles ……. follow me and I’ll follow you! Facebook: ……. send a friend request! LinkedIn: ……. send a connection request! Learn more about me at:

38 thoughts on “Ask The Tester – May 2013 – Taking Questions Now through 5/6/2013”

  1. I would like to know Jari’s advise on where he would start to train a brand new tester, hired in with no prior testing knowledge.
    How would Jari approach training a new hire with prior testing experience if the new hire regularly questioned the style or methodology of testing that Jari uses?

  2. As a tester, do you become more productive if you sit beside another QA of the same project, beside the developer the same project, beside the BA of the same project, or if you sit as far away from your project team as possible?

  3. Your Name: Giri Ongole
    Title: QA Manager
    Company: Charter Global
    Geographical location: Hyderabad, India
    Question: In Agile methodology testers execute test cases on daily builds. How do you ensure application is regressed to deliver a stable build to client at the end of sprint?

  4. QUESTION: Let’s say you hire a tester, that has three traits that make her an excellent tester. What could those traits be?

    Your name: Aleksis Tulonen
    Title: QA Consultant
    Company: comiq Oy
    Geographical location

  5. Nowadays automated testing is a ‘must have’ skill and the Agile methodolgy gains more and more on popularity. Clearly the focus is on shortning the ‘time to market’. Reducing time on testing.
    Question: What do you think will be the role of the software tester in the near future? Will we just translate specifications into test cases while test execution will be automated even more?

    Name: Eelco van Orden
    Title: Test specialist
    Company: TFG – TestDynamics
    Geographical location: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

  6. What would you consider to be the main difference(s) in testing hardware versus software? And how do the ‘testing people’ differ in this different worlds? (as I consider these worlds to be different, could be that you have other experiences of course)

    Name: Rob van Steenbergen
    Title: Tester
    Company: Chickenwings Test Consultancy
    Geographical loc: The Netherlands, on the sea bottom

  7. I noticed that most of the time the QA team and development team does not gel well.
    What are the important factor(s) that will help build cohesiveness between QA team and the developers

    Name: Madhavi V
    Title : PM
    Company: Financial services
    Location: Chicago, USA

  8. Hi Jari,

    Thanks for posting answers on testing this will
    Be helpful for testing teams to implement your tips for better quality.
    My question:
    How best can I do the effort estimation when
    We do not enough budget approval for 5 more (contractors)resources and all the work is handled is handled by 1 test lead. The resources who worked has the subject knowledge and are let go due to budget and head office approval issues.
    1) How can i gain a buy in from Head office any tips for approval of 5 more resources to compelte work in 8weeks go live time and
    2)How can I show the effective test effort estimation for 5000 test cases execution and 20 high defects fix retest in 6 weeks time to retain those 5 resources?

    1. Jari, I just posted my question. At 2:35 am just wanted to update me details
      My name: Pavani Gajula
      Title: Test Lead( AVP)
      Company: Bank of Tokyo mufg
      Location: New Jersey, USA

  9. Question for Jari:
    What are the two biggest testing challenges you face regularly that you’ve found good ways to manage? Conversely, what are the two biggest testing challenges that you haven’t been able to overcome or manage to your satisfaction yet?

    Submitted by:
    Dawn Haynes, Principal Trainer & Consultant, PerfTestPlus, Inc., FL – USA

  10. Thanks to each of you that have given inputs so far. I plan to wrap up our questions this week (closing out the questions on 5/6/13) and to submit the article on Friday. Will plan to quote each of you!

  11. Q: what was the biggest personal surprise Jari experienced when coming into the new environment / company – in good & bad one I’m interested 😉

    Cheers from Slovenia!

  12. You manage an outsourced test team. Can you describe an experience of how you effectively ramped up you test team’s knowledge in a new domain area?

    Paul Holland
    Consulting S/W Tester &
    Teacher of Rapid S/W Testing
    at Testing Thoughts

  13. Hi Jari,

    You are the active member of CDT community. As a CDT leader, what are your challenges? What are the wins?


    Anna Royzman
    QA Manager
    Liquidnet Holdings
    New York, USA

  14. Did you notice any differences between Finnish and Romanian testing culture?
    Does your approach differ – and are there similarities – when testing hardware and software?

    Your Name: Phil Kirkham
    Title: Tester
    Company / group; Atomic Object
    Geographical location: Grand Rapids, MI USA

  15. Jari,

    As someone who follows testing speakers, authors, bloggers, etc. globally, what things are the North Americans talking a lot about that don’t seem overly problematic/important in Europe. Conversely, what things do you see as problematic/important in Europe that North Americans aren’t speaking/writing very much about.

  16. Jari,
    It seems to me that a high percentage of the blogging and speaking testers are working on some sort of web-applications or at least software-only products. With your background from wheelchairs and robotics, do you recognise any major differences in the testing cultures of the embedded software world compared to the software-only camp?

    Your Name: Geir Gulbrandsen
    Title: Test tem lead
    Company / group: Aker Solutions AS
    Geographical location Oslo, Norway

  17. How do you approach growing your team? Is size more important than skill?

    Also how do you promote CDT in an organization used to more traditional methods?

    Your Name: Kate Falanga
    Title: Manager, Quality Assurance
    Company / group: Huge Inc
    Geographical location: Brooklyn NY USA

  18. Name: Joseph Ours
    Title: Director of Quality Assurance and Testing Services
    Location: Columbus, Ohio USA

    Q1) What lessons can be applied from hardware testing, that tends to be deterministic and finite, to software testing which tends to be more combinatorially complex and less finite?

    Q2) How does a country’s culture affect testing effectiveness and efficiency? What lessons can we learn from other cultures?

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